Mind the Gap is a European theater company that started producing plays in Luxembourg in 2001, working closely with the National Theatre of Luxembourg during the 2010 and 2011 seasons and in 2012 producing a joint production of “The Birthday Party.”

Since relocating to Michigan in June 2013, the two founder members of Mind the Gap, Fran Potasnik and Adrian Diffey, have actively sought acting roles with a variety of theater groups to integrate themselves in the local area, and to date (Jan 2020 ) have jointly been cast in or acted in 36 theatrical productions.


Mind the Gap places special emphasis on plays written by English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh playwrights, whilst also producing plays written in French, German, and Italian, offering audiences opportunities of hearing some productions in their original language.

Without a performance space of its own, Mind the Gap performs in different venues throughout southeast Michigan